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Two ways to list course details.

You can list your course details in two ways. You can pay a fee for a twelve month listing, or you can choose to help us promote our site with your practitioners.

We will display the information you give us about the courses you run. This can include background information, contact details, the nature and duration of the courses, the type of accreditation given to successful students etc.

We will design your display for you with the inclusion of a graphic if you have one. Alternatively we can display your own design if you prefer. Therapy-World has a policy of keeping information as concise as possible and we would prefer it if the text is no longer than 250 words.

Your e-mail and website links will be prominent in the listing.

We can also offer the same service in exchange for the promotion of our website to your qualified practitioners.

In this case Therapy-World would make available to you an A4 sheet of information about our site for you to photocopy and provide to your students. Also we can send you laminated copies if necessary to display within the college/school.

In due course we would anticipate the registration of a proportion of your students on the Therapy-World website, giving your college as a reference, in the "How did you find our site?" box. To view our practitioner registration form, click here.

Therapy-World has a reputation for a fast and friendly service. Our site ranks highly on a number of search engines and has steady growth in both professional and general interest visitors.

The fee for a twelve month listing is 48.50. (Jan 2001).

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