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What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process by which a person gradually "lets go" of thoughts and feelings, thereby becoming more relaxed, focused and creative.

The origins of meditation predate the birth of the Buddha (the One Who Is Awake).

The story of the Buddha is one of a Prince (Siddhartha Gautama), who was deeply moved when he came across suffering in the form of old age, disease and death. This made Siddhartha reflect on the superficial nature of his life within the palace. He decided to give up his wordly possessions and with great sadness he said goodbye to his wife and family. He then began a search for the true nature of reality.

Siddhartha met with the great spiritual teachers of his era, and practiced the disciplines they taught. Eventually, having become disenchanted with this endeavour, Siddhartha decided to sit under the Bodhi tree and meditate until he became enlightened.

During meditation the teacher encourages a gradual release of all thoughts and feelings. For example, concentrating on the breath and the gentle rise and fall of the chest. As thoughts come, recognise them, mentally shake their hand, and allow them to dissolve....

Each time the mind wanders, allow this deviation with relaxed acceptance, until it fades and awareness returns to the breath. Thoughts and emotions are like leaves which obscure the path, meditation the gentle breeze which reveals the way.

There are many different forms of meditation;

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Important message Meditation is taught by a variety of different organisations. Some of them are listed below. Find a teacher who is an experienced and ethical practitioner. For example someone who teaches within an organisation. Meditation is usually taught to small groups of people at a time and classes may be run at weekends and in the evening.

Once you have had a taste of meditation then you may like to experience a longer and more concentrated "retreat". This involves attending a retreat centre, usually in a rural setting, away from distractions.

It may be best to avoid meditation if you have a serious mental health problem, as usual coping strategies and defences are gradually surrendered by the mind.


Therapy-World only displays practitioners' qualifications in those cases where we have been able to confirm these, having seen a copy of relevant certificates and verified membership of the appropriate professional organisation. In all other cases we do not display qualifications, and would advise all potential clients to satisfy themselves of a practitioner's competence and ethics. For further guidance on choosing a suitable practitioner see, "How to find the right therapist", which can easily be printed out for future reference.

List of Meditation Teachers

Joanne Barker.Meditation, visualisation, self-help, yoga. Hounslow, Middlesex. I offer help to people in safe and secure environment for people who are still suffering from past experiences from this life or a previous life.E-mail E-Mail.Tel: 07939 278701.

Rachel Saunders. Discover Yoga. SW. London. London. Learn techniques to relax the body and mind using the breath to quieten and still the mind. E-mail E-Mail. Tel: 0208 9449405.

Frank Liddy. Belfast Mindfulness Meditation Centre Belfast. Buddhist Meditation/Counselling. E-mail E-Mail.Tel: 028 9058 9442.

Samantha Scott.Wiltshire, Swindon. Personal Meditation Therapy for those suffering from emotional/stress related conditions. Creating a balance of mind, body and soul.E-mail E-Mail. Tel: 01793 702427. Website.

Ray Menezes. Maida Vale, London W.2. Meditation Group and Retreats. Individual and Group Psychotherapy (Transpersonal). E-mail E-Mail.Tel: 07957 934047. Website.

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