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The Benefits of Plastic Surgery Abroad

One of the main criticisms of the UK’s National Health Service is the waiting times, with many non-essential surgical procedures frequently being bumped down the queue as more urgent cases leapfrog to the front. This is one of the main reasons many Brits choose to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery as they can choose when they have the surgery rather than waiting for months or in some cases, over a year. These cosmetic surgery holidays, often in eastern Europe or south east Asia are usually less expensive then going private here in the UK, and with the current affordability and ease of international travel makes them all the more attractive.


It’s not just in the UK that people are choosing to travel abroad for surgery, as the practise is more or less global. It is popular in the USA simply because most other countries offer better prices than their own healthcare providers. Affluent families from third world countries also travel to the UK, the USA or the far east in order to get a better level of healthcare than their own countries can provide, and in many cases, their own country simply does not provide the surgery they either require or desire.


Although people opt for surgery abroad for a whole spectrum of medical complaints and procedures, cosmetic surgery holidays appear to be the most popular. What one must be aware of however, is what the quoted costs actually cover. Sometimes the quote is all-inclusive (flights, surgery, hotel, meals), other times the quote is only for the surgical procedure itself. The last thing you want is to fly overseas only to find yourself trying to book a hotel the day after your surgery. So make sure everything is in place and is crystal clear beforehand.

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Sun, Sea, Surf & Surgery

Virgin island

Having cosmetic surgery abroad offers a variety of benefits over having a similar treatment here in the UK. Firstly, the same treatment in another part of the world may be considerably less expensive thanks to the exchange rate, but also due to much lower living costs in the destination country. Take for example Malaysia, having one of the best economic records in Asia and the 29th largest economy in the world is one of the best destinations for medical tourism. It’s politics and law is based on the Westminster model, so rules, regulations and medical proceedings are very similar to those in the UK.


The quality of the medical facilities in Malaysia are in many ways superior to those in the UK and the skills and qualifications of the doctors, nurses and surgeons are at least on a par with our own. The climate in Malaysia is moderate tropical and is perfect for recovering and recuperating from plastic or cosmetic surgery. Now before you start thinking about swimming or soaking up the sun on a sandy beach and maybe doing a little surfing… think again. Recovering from surgery isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a lay in bed with aching bones and muscles.


One of the things which draws people away from the UK for cosmetic surgery is the relative secrecy one can benefit from. Many people don’t like to confess to having certain procedures and by simply going away for a few weeks, you can save yourself the prospect of ‘all and sundry’ knowing about your cosmetic surgery plans. For the very best in Malaysian cosmetic surgery holidays, visit

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