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NHS Direct. Free 24 hour health advice. (UK).
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. A comprehensive US Gov. site with extensive research archives.
Medical Research (NIH).
Healthfinder. Free guide to reliable health information. (U.S. Gov).
World Cancer Research Fund. A comprehensive and interactive site "...dedicated to the prevention of cancer through healthy diets and associated lifestyles."
American Association Of Integrative Medicine. Home of the health through consciousness study. Newsletter.
The Foundation For Integrated Medicine was set up to "promote the integrated delivery of safe, effective and efficient forms of healthcare, including orthodox and complementary medicine, through greater collaboration between all forms of healthcare."
The British Allergy Foundation. If you need to know about a specific allergy, to find out about allergy testing and locate a nearby testing centre, require the number of a helpline, or if you are a health professional who would like to undergo training in the care of allergy sufferers, then this site has all the resources you need.
MIND is a national independent organisation which provides a range of advisory services to people who are suffering from mental illness., a National Institute of Mental Health sponsored site. (US). Dedicated to breast health awareness, including screening advice, health tips, diet, fashion and much more.
The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. A sceptical view of the world of complementary medicine.
The Phobics Society. A comprehensive anxiety resource. Featuring; a DIY diagnostic tool, fact sheets, information on anxiety research programmes, support groups, a chat room, bulletin boards, and a list of other sources of help and advice. An ancient philosophy of holistic health.
British Medical Journal.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The Lancet
BBC Health News If it's health news you're after, they don't come much better than this. Mega archives which are visible, cross-referenced and linked.
ABC News/Health
Reuters Health News. New York Times.
Yahoo Healthscout Health News.
CNN Alternative Health News. Up to date health news from around the world. Subscribe to newsletter.
Integrated Health Online. Dr. Mosaraf Ali's web site. Alternative health guru to the rich and famous, this site offers a true taste of the Ali philosophy. Try out the "online health check".
Mayo Health Clinic. (U.S.), where common supplements are tested. Health Magazine. Health magazine. Health magazine. Health magazine. Comprehensive health website. Gives you advice on how to get the best from your G.P. All things health. Has a powerful symptom checker. Multi-faceted health site. Particularly good links pages. Health site. With complementary medicine links.
Virtual Health Network Drug infromation aimed at professionals and public.
International Health News.