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Title: The Integrated Health Bible. Author: Dr. Mosaraf Ali.
Subject: Integrated health. Publisher: Vermilion.
Price: 12.99 Date first published: 2001.
Recommended by: Neale Bland. E-mail: [email protected]
Brief summary: A holistic system of health, integrating yoga, diet, relaxation, meditation and exercise. Celebrity physician Dr. Mosaraf Ali gives his philosophy on staying well.
Comments: This book combines well known techniques from east and west and creates one system for health and happiness.

Title: The Art of Happiness. Author:The Dalai Lama.
Subject: How to be with low moods, anxiety and craving. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.
Price: 11.99 Date first published: 2000
Recommended by: Neale Bland E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Anyone who has heard or seen the Dalai Lama speak will know of the humility and humour which he combines with Buddhist teachings. This audio cassette features the Dalai Lama's work read by Howard Cutler and Ernest Abuba.

Title: The Detox Box. Author:Nic Rowley & Kirsten Hartvig.
Subject: Diet detox and massage. Publisher: Duncan Baird.
Price: 16.99 Date first published: 2000
Recommended by: Neale Bland. E-mail: [email protected]
  • A complete detox guide.
  • 3 genuine essential oils.
  • 10 step-by-step massage cards.
  • Recipe cards.
  • A 7 day detox planner.
Makes a lovely present to yourself or to someone you love.

Title: The Complete Illustrated Guide To Tai Chi Author:Angus Clark
Subject: Tai Chi Publisher: Element Books
Price: 18.99 Date first published: 2000
Recommended by: Neale Bland E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: A definitive guide to Tai Chi, written by an experienced teacher, which traces the origins of Tai Chi as a form of self defence and a process for acheiving health in body and spirit. Photographs and diagrams guide novice and expert alike.

Title: 100% Health Author:Patrick Holford
Subject: Nutrition and Health Publisher: Piatkus
Price: 11.99 Date first published: 2000
Recommended by: Neale Bland E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Practical and compelling advice about how changes in lifestyle and diet can help you stay healthy. Information about mental illness, infection, HRT, arthritis diabetes etc.

Title: The Big Book of Ch'i Author: Paul Wildish
Subject: The origins of Ch'i and the practises which have developed as a result. Publisher: Thorsons
Price: 19.99 Date first published: 2000
Recommended by: Neale Bland E-mail: [email protected]
Brief summary: An introduction to the Eastern concept of Ch'i. A history of arts and practises concerned with the enhancement and balance of Ch'i; acupuncture, shiatsu, do-in, reiki, t'ai chi ch'uan, pa kua ch'uan, hsing I ch'uan, budo, aikido, iado, feng shui, japanese garden, meditation, and reflexology.
Comments: If you have some knowledge of Eastern practise, but are not aware of it's place within the geneological tree of Ch'i, or it's relation to martial arts for example, then this book will provide an insight. Clearly told, informative and stimulating. The Big Book of Ch'i includies historical accounts of the people, places and cultural backgrounds which gave rise to the many and varied manifestations of Ch'i. A book you can pick up on any page and enjoy reading.

Title:The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies. Author:C. Norman Shealy.
Subject:The description and classification of over 1000 natural remedies. Publisher:Element Books Ltd
Price:29.99 Date first published:1998
Recommended by:Neale Bland E-mail:[email protected]
Brief summary:An encyclopedia of how disease can be prevented and cured using herbs, oils, homeopathic remedies, food, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
Comments:A good reference book. Whether you are looking for a cure for a particular ailment, browsing to widen your knowledge, or studying a particular therapy, this book is very well organised and cross-referenced. A quick glance can turn into a surprising journey.

Title: Everyday Zen Author: Charlotte Joko Beck
Subject: Zen Buddhism Publisher: HarperCollins
Price: $12 Date first published: 1989
Recommended by: Neale Bland E-mail: [email protected]
Brief summary: An introduction to Zen by a teacher in California. A description of how to approach everyday life with equanimity and balance. Looking at hopes and fears, love, boredom, and work.
Comments: This was my first introduction to buddhism and meditation. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a down-to-earth view of zen and life. Told with grace, humility and courage.

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